What Is Enough? When Is It Time?

Adam Callender
2 min readFeb 12, 2023
Photo credit: Tony McDonough AAAP

Can we have enough success? When it is time to step away and reinvent ourselves?

To reframe, to reimagine what success looks like. Yes, every time we change roles, we are redefining ourselves.

Ash Barty shocked me retiring at 25 years of age from her number one spot in tennis. In the context of more is better, wow, this is a wake up call. She had the talent and mindset to shake the record books at her tender age.
As a young woman, she has a long career ahead of her, with her mature head on her shoulders. Ash has shed new light on what sporting success should and should not be. Considering that we hold sporting success in incredibly high esteem.

Ash has shown that a loss is not career defining. Failure if you like, or, being beaten in a complex competitive environment, by someone else who were having a great day, does not mean that we should feel like a failure. Win or loose, we can still win in terms of playing our game, succeeding by our definition of success, rather than an arbitrary one.

Her personal perspectives were refreshing, like when she lost a game occasionally, smiling at the media and telling them that no one died. That the sun will rise in the morning and the day begins anew. That she can still pick a racquet and have another go in the next tournament, in a week or a fortnight.

What about us?

How true is this for us in salaried roles? Or self employment? We can have days on top of our game and days that don’t hit the high notes. However, we get to go home to our loved ones and share precious time with them. Not bad really, huh?

For managers, leaders and founders or owners the same applies, we can have a so so day, but a pleasant evening. Where we are fully present, mindful that we are winning with our life outside of our vocation. With those that we bring close, those that we bring into this world. Falling asleep with our hearts full, ready for another go.

These are lift defining actions, are they not? Are we hooked on repeating our success of the past? OR ready to redefine, to move past what defines us and begin anew.

Please feel free to comment or message me, how have you shifted what success looks like?




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